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I love custom work, so feel free to reach out with any inquiries. If you have a time sensitive request, please include contact information that you check often, to allow me to complete your piece as soon as possible. 

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always ready to help!

Have custom work you want made?

Send us an email directly:

Or simply fill out the form here!

Custom Work Request Form

Thank you! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Acceptable on non-custom items. If you order a custom item, I will change it until you are satisfied.


If my measurements change, will you alter my custom piece?




If my piece breaks from normal wear and tear, what can I do?


Send it back to me, I'll fix it and send it back to you, your only expense is one-way shipping.


What is your returns policy?

I will accept returns on non-custom items, but I do not accept returns on custom items. I will fix it until you are happy.

How do I track my order?


I will be in contact with you regarding when I have shipped your item, and will provide a tracking number as soon as it is available.


How long will my piece take to make?


Each piece is hand made, and unless I have your specific order on hand, I will have to start the moment you order. This ranges from 3 business days to upwards of a month for custom work depending on complexity.

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