Lynn has participated in many festivals and events, and has competed in several costume contests, as well as provided custom work for others attending events. 

Scavenger Collection

Repurposed Found items

Skin And Bone Collection

Real ethically harvested bone used to create statement pieces


This custom fitted cosplay of Sara from Dragon Age won the Advanced Craftsmanship Category at Awesome Con in 2019. Each piece is fully independent and removable, and cross referenced with the game. 

Wonder Woman

This all leather hand-tooled interpretation of Wonder Woman won the Intermediate Craftsmanship Category at Awesome Con in 2018. 
Betty Rhodes wore it into the competition and on the show floor. 

Feathers and Wings

These pieces are made of individually tooled and painstakingly planned feathers, in order to make up winged accessories. 


Leather, fabric, weapons, and scavenged pieces come together for fantasy looks that are sturdy enough to last at whatever event you choose to wear them at.